East Hartford ChildPlan | Improving the Quality of the lives of our Children and Families in East Hartford, (CT) Connecticut


After-school Committee Meets as needed
Serves as an information resource for the community on children's programming, identifies and helps fill gaps in programs for children in ways that meet the community's needs, and advocates for the continued growth of diverse programs for all children in East Hartford.

Early Care and Discovery Committee – Meets monthly
Increases the awareness of the importance of quality early care and education options and educates families and providers about quality options, advocates for growth of quality early care and education options, and helps providers provide quality early care and education.

Executive Committee – Meets Monthly
The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of ChildPlan (Past President, President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). It Oversees staff, sets Board Agendas, and oversees finances and all contracts and legal issues.

Finance Committee – Meets as needed
Oversees all finances, including monthly financials, taxes, and audits.

Grants Committee – Meets as needed
Oversees all grants including grant applications and grant management. All grants must be approved by the grants committee before moving to the Executive Committee.

Membership Committee – Meets as needed
Oversees all membership development including new Board Members, Quarterly Members, and nomination of Officers and Committee Chairs

Parent Action Team – Meets as needed
Involves and empowers parents and guardians in the East Hartford community by enhancing individuals abilities to advocate for children and families within the community, informs families of community resources, provides opportunities for families to engage in community events and programs, provides trainings for parents and/or caregivers in East Hartford, and advocates for increased awareness of the importance of positive parent engagement. The Parent Action Team oversees PLTI, PEP, the Family Resource Guide, East Hartford Welcome Packages, the annual Scarecrow Building Contest and other parent and family oriented programs and events.

Health Committee – Meets monthly
A collaborative of all health agencies and organizations in town.

Blueprint Leadership Committee – Meets quarterly or as needed
In charge of implementing East Hartford's Plan for Healthy & Successful Young Children.