East Hartford ChildPlan | Improving the Quality of the lives of our Children and Families in East Hartford, (CT) Connecticut



 In the spring of 2006, East Hartford ChildPlan, Inc. initiated a planning process and determined that, at the time, the organization lacked a systematic way to identify the needs within the community. ChildPlan collected information about the community needs through member networking at monthly meetings, but saw an opportunity to use its collaborative body to develop a systematic way to identify the most urgent needs in the community. The next step would be to use this information to set community priorities, launch initiatives that correspond with community needs, and adjust its approach over time.

As you will see in the Data Book ChildPlan decided to focus its data collection on understanding of basic indicators of East Hartford's well-being, in terms of demographic, socio-economic, education, and health indicators.
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If certain areas of data collection would be useful to you in the work that you do, let us know for future versions of the East Hartford Book of Data. We aim for this book to be useful to the community.

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